07 March 2007

Journey to Torino

22nd Feb 2007; My first trip to Europe. Don't know whether I was excited or anxious. Mixed feelings I should say. Only thing I was looking forward to that time was the business class ticket that I had. And to say the truth, it crossed all my expectations. Thanks to a cousin of mine.
The journey to frankfurt was enjoyable for the fact that I had a lot of champagne. But nothing extra ordinary to see from the aircraft. Did not even get a glimpse of Europe till I landed as there was heavy fog and visibility was poor. So, even though I was in frankfurt, I hadn't seen europe as yet.

Part II of the journey; Frankfurt to Torino. Was during the day, and so all the fog had vanished and the sky was pretty clear as you can see. Must admit, the best view I have ever had in my life; The alps from above. Some peaks above the clouds and the others below it. Only Hell can be more beautiful (Heaven I heard is boring, so going by that theory).
Always wanted to see the alps, but never thought will see it this way.
This was the last memorable moment of my journey to Torino. But on my way from the airport, there was one more incident which immediately made me like Italy. The people. Though we never spoke the same language, and there was no way we could understand each other, a man guided me to the place where I was supposed to stay, which I think was amazing. He took the trouble to understand me and was going on emphasizing that I need to use more sign langauge so that he could understand me. Got onto the same train as me and got down where I was supposed to get down and showed me the place. He then waited for the next train and went where he was supposed to go. I think thats one quality you won't find in people of any other country. And so far this experience has just been getting better. You find more and more nice people each day. Bravo Italiano.


Blogger surya said...

Awesome view of the place... go trek a few of them :)

Fri Mar 09, 01:47:00 am 2007  

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