15 July 2009

Kick Start

Finally kick starting work in my new company.. Its been quite a while and things have been moving slowly, mostly because of outside forces.. But a lot can be attributed to the lack of initiative on my side as well.. Apparently there were too many negative things happening simultaneously and I was not used to it..

But here we are now, laying the foundation for the building.. And so far, it looks good.. We are getting ready for a big launch, probably bigger than I thought I would ever do. But its coming closer each day.. And each day things are looking brighter.. So, yaay!!

Have decided to write more frequently from now on.. Just feel that if you give up on your hobbies, you are giving up on everything.. And in my case, it has been true.. So, let me fight back and keep writing non sense.. Yaay again..


Blogger Guru Panguji said...

Welcome back!

Mon Jul 20, 04:54:00 pm 2009  
Blogger Harsh said...

looking forward to it! :)

Mon Jul 20, 07:38:00 pm 2009  
Blogger Holloway Rulez! said...

Cool. There are even some readers from Europe ;-)

Tue Jul 21, 08:06:00 pm 2009  

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