20 July 2009

The TATA Nano and the FIAT Cinquecento - A comparison

Had the chance the attend the ceremony marking the 50th year of the 50cl Cinquecento and also witnessed the launch of the TATA Nano. And thought the Italians made a much better impact.

The Cinquecento was nothing great or different from the existing models nor was it a breakthrough in any field as compared to the Nano. But we sure lack in our skills to market ourselves. The Nano has failed to make the impact it should have made. And TATA has failed to get the idea across as well as it could have. Probably they need to learn a lesson or two from their Italian counterparts.

A small question here. There was a TATA Motors display outside of Torino, Piemonte one day, showcasing the Indica and the Indigo, and I must admit, it was pretty well done. Haven't ever seen anything like that in India. Was the difference because of the location or was it just because non-Indians executed it? If yes, why so? And why not atleast an on par performance in showcasing a Nano, which has created waves all across the Automobile Industry? A lot to think about, I say!


Blogger ani said...

1- Fiat 500(dont wanna bother writing it in words..) is a legend!...Nano is a revolution (atleast we hope so)
2- Display setting is more to do with the people who are coming to see it...not the exhibitors. You can put up a world class display...but the ppl would spit pan and gutkha..so wats the point?
3- I wanna buy a Fiat 500!...so gift me one...15 lakhs only :P

Mon Jul 20, 04:43:00 pm 2009  
Blogger siddhangana said...

You are Indian by birth Italian by choice

Mon Jul 20, 10:03:00 pm 2009  

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