21 July 2009

Solar Eclipse

Supposed to be the longest solar eclipse of the century, I got up at 5.45 to witness it. And yes, for the second day in a row. By now most people would have known that I did the same thing last morning too. Anyway, enough making a fool of myself.

But yaay, this time I did see it. I drove down a couple of kilometres expecting to see groups of people in parks and nearby places waiting to take a glimpse of the eclipse. But nope, it was more deserted than usual. The superstitions surrounding solar eclipses still make their rounds. And its high time that its changed.
Here is my pic..

Wish there was a science club here. A group of people who keep track of such things, who are interested to know whats happening above and below us, maybe observe weird cloud patterns, organise solar and lunar eclipse events et al. Need to make a start somewhere. Any takers?


Blogger siddhangana said...

Did you even consider that people may not be superstitious but just not enthusiastic about getting up at 5.30?

Anyways it was all clouded in Mumbai and I got to see only the pics someone mailed :(

Thu Jul 23, 12:34:00 am 2009  
Blogger VATS said...

Hahaha...in my case it will more about getting up so early in the morning than the superstition :)who cares about superstitions! ;)

Sat Jan 02, 10:46:00 am 2010  

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