28 November 2005

Nightmare !

Bangalore, IT city, rather IT hub of India, a dream place to be in. Fantabulous climate and fat pay packets from companies make it an even more desirable detination. Well, thats the impression one gets from outside. You tell me, no matter what, I will enjoy life here as much as in any other place, and there's one bet I am ready to keep. The initial response one gives, after getting a glimpse of the roads here, when one comes from a lesser city would be something like 'Wow, so many cars; I have never seen half this many cars at one time'. It hardly takes any time for that to change and become 'Crap, what traffic. I hate this place'. Traffic is not much of a bother, IF its orderly. What you have here is called chaos, and I don't know why, but it seems to happen everyday. There is this popular adage, People learn from mistakes. You can question that by asking 'which people?'. Let me explain. Everybody has to reach someplace at sometime, rather, at some fixed time. Being the IT hub, I guess the IT people tend to approach this the "logical way". Its called the shortest route. It doesnt matter to a programmer how he completes his assignment. Be it copying, looking up archives, downloading, what all (I can't comment much on it). Same applies on road too. Wrong ways, bouncing off other vehicles, staring others off balance to make your own road, flexing your tongue, using the horn as an explosive device and finally,the well known I dont care attitude (Generally found in people with big cars and truck drivers). For proof of all the above mentioned properties of drivers, refer to the body of any running automobile. Hard to find a non-adventurous vehicle. Somehow, miraculously, the drivers of these poor slaves, most often than not, escape without a scratch AND continue the learning process (any doubts??).

23 November 2005

Erasing past memories of my very unsuccesful attempt at blogging, I have decided to take a brave step forward. And hope this is just the beginning.

Initially blogging was like this impossible thing which, only people who 'understand' the language, would be able to manage. But now, I realised, if every Bush, Mush(arraf) and Laura can write one, why not give it a shot. First thing I realised is, its very tough to just write something, which people might feel like reading. See, again that word 'might' haunts my blog. What if people don't want to go through torture? What if they stop half-way and then post a comment, "Aah, good. Welcome to blogging", or something like "Well said, but I donot completely agree with it". You take pains to reply to it, explaining why you thought so, and why this has to be seen from a different view point or whatever. But, take my advice, what you should actually do is, IGNORE. Blogging is meant for the author. So, that he can post his thoughts, not sit and try to convice some B,M and L, why it was said. Blog is defined as an "online diary", not as an online 'black board'. Especially, not a black board where some B,M and L come, scribble and leave.