13 August 2009

Location, Comfort zone and Culture..

Yes. The heading does contain 3 distinct words but very closely related ones. Everyone has his or her own comfort zone and most likely than not the comfort zone is limited to a couple of cities, at the most. Some cities make you feel awkward and some people feel awkward in every other city. Why so? Is it because one does not have the same social circle in every place? Or is is because one does not know where to find what in a new place?

I have been thinking about those questions for the last couple of days now and I think I know the answers. It is the culture and only the culture which makes one feel awkward in a new place. Having lived in several cities so far, each insanely different from the other, I think I know why some places still make me frown. And why I am longing to go to some places even though its crowded and the the weather sucks. And why natural characteristics of a place have very little to do with one liking the place.

The activities, hobbies, interests and passions of people from different regions vastly differ because of natural conditions. And because people have different hobbies and passions, they behave differently in different situations. Which makes them different people with very different outlooks in life. And this is where culture starts. And this is why one probably does not fit into another culture so easily, because his vision, his outlook is different from the others.

Every time I travel to 2 of my favourite cities, I realise why they are my favourite cities. It is because I get to do what I want in those cities more often than what I don't want. If you love what you do more than what you don't, I guess your life is pretty much successful.

Well, this post was to inspire myself to move to one of those cities I love. And hopefully, if things go well, I'll see myself somewhere there in the next 2-3 months. Fingers crossed.

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