21 July 2009

Solar Eclipse

Supposed to be the longest solar eclipse of the century, I got up at 5.45 to witness it. And yes, for the second day in a row. By now most people would have known that I did the same thing last morning too. Anyway, enough making a fool of myself.

But yaay, this time I did see it. I drove down a couple of kilometres expecting to see groups of people in parks and nearby places waiting to take a glimpse of the eclipse. But nope, it was more deserted than usual. The superstitions surrounding solar eclipses still make their rounds. And its high time that its changed.
Here is my pic..

Wish there was a science club here. A group of people who keep track of such things, who are interested to know whats happening above and below us, maybe observe weird cloud patterns, organise solar and lunar eclipse events et al. Need to make a start somewhere. Any takers?

20 July 2009

The TATA Nano and the FIAT Cinquecento - A comparison

Had the chance the attend the ceremony marking the 50th year of the 50cl Cinquecento and also witnessed the launch of the TATA Nano. And thought the Italians made a much better impact.

The Cinquecento was nothing great or different from the existing models nor was it a breakthrough in any field as compared to the Nano. But we sure lack in our skills to market ourselves. The Nano has failed to make the impact it should have made. And TATA has failed to get the idea across as well as it could have. Probably they need to learn a lesson or two from their Italian counterparts.

A small question here. There was a TATA Motors display outside of Torino, Piemonte one day, showcasing the Indica and the Indigo, and I must admit, it was pretty well done. Haven't ever seen anything like that in India. Was the difference because of the location or was it just because non-Indians executed it? If yes, why so? And why not atleast an on par performance in showcasing a Nano, which has created waves all across the Automobile Industry? A lot to think about, I say!

15 July 2009

Kick Start

Finally kick starting work in my new company.. Its been quite a while and things have been moving slowly, mostly because of outside forces.. But a lot can be attributed to the lack of initiative on my side as well.. Apparently there were too many negative things happening simultaneously and I was not used to it..

But here we are now, laying the foundation for the building.. And so far, it looks good.. We are getting ready for a big launch, probably bigger than I thought I would ever do. But its coming closer each day.. And each day things are looking brighter.. So, yaay!!

Have decided to write more frequently from now on.. Just feel that if you give up on your hobbies, you are giving up on everything.. And in my case, it has been true.. So, let me fight back and keep writing non sense.. Yaay again..

13 July 2009

My fav joke

The following is my favourite joke..

Farmer: Herd of cows.
Senator: Sure, I have heard of cows.
Farmer: No, a cow herd.
Senator: What do I care what a cow heard? I have no secrets from a cow.