25 July 2010

Brand New Day!!

And I start off once again. This time with a lil story that happened not so long ago in our very own country.
Nothing historical about any of the characters in this; all of them came from well educated families and were quite the sort of people you would expect to find in a movie theater or a bar. The story revolves around one particular character called Akansha, who was scheduled to go into foreign land for a period of time, and that period in her life just before her journey.

Things haven't been going quite Sameer's way and if you asked him, he'll tell you that his life was just a set of incidents, with each subset having a priority of 1. Which means, you could not possible remove any incident and sum up the set. He was on the valley of that upward curve life takes, still trying to figure out how steep the curve is and how tough it can get.

One find evening, Sameer lands up in this tavern. Nothing different about this day either. Same old faces portraying the misery of being choked in traffic jams, getting stuck trying to squeeze in your vehicle and the mild headache from the constant blares of horns from behind. But little did Sameer know that this day would mark the beginning of a drastic change in his life.

There was this one face that stood apart, one that gave the feeling of freshness, that of a bright new day. Curious by this astonishing sensation, Sameer decides to probe further. It was pretty easy considering the fact that this particular face belonged to one of the people on his own table. He soon found out that her name was Akansha and that she was one of those types who could literally tear your heart apart.

To be contd...

30 September 2009


And as promised, I have collected a few photos and uploaded them here.. Please let me know what you think about it..


PS: Click on the heading to go to the photos page..

22 September 2009


I have decided to make a deadline for some things I need to do. And one of them is organising my photos and promising that I'll post a link right here.. Okay, so lets say 1st October is the deadline.. Time starts NOW!!

08 September 2009

4 legged humans

The cows in Bangalore will never cease to amaze me. From trying to comprehend a the "50% SALE" hoarding on the road to their expertise in cowntering traffic, these cows are one of a kind.

I don't know how many cows have actually dined at a restaurant, but plenty of them sure have gone in to find out the specials. I once even saw a cow entering a medical store, probably the chilly chicken it ate at the restaurant, didn't quite agree with it.

And why suddenly about cows? Coz today I saw one trying to get onto a fly over which had this sign on it.

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13 August 2009

Location, Comfort zone and Culture..

Yes. The heading does contain 3 distinct words but very closely related ones. Everyone has his or her own comfort zone and most likely than not the comfort zone is limited to a couple of cities, at the most. Some cities make you feel awkward and some people feel awkward in every other city. Why so? Is it because one does not have the same social circle in every place? Or is is because one does not know where to find what in a new place?

I have been thinking about those questions for the last couple of days now and I think I know the answers. It is the culture and only the culture which makes one feel awkward in a new place. Having lived in several cities so far, each insanely different from the other, I think I know why some places still make me frown. And why I am longing to go to some places even though its crowded and the the weather sucks. And why natural characteristics of a place have very little to do with one liking the place.

The activities, hobbies, interests and passions of people from different regions vastly differ because of natural conditions. And because people have different hobbies and passions, they behave differently in different situations. Which makes them different people with very different outlooks in life. And this is where culture starts. And this is why one probably does not fit into another culture so easily, because his vision, his outlook is different from the others.

Every time I travel to 2 of my favourite cities, I realise why they are my favourite cities. It is because I get to do what I want in those cities more often than what I don't want. If you love what you do more than what you don't, I guess your life is pretty much successful.

Well, this post was to inspire myself to move to one of those cities I love. And hopefully, if things go well, I'll see myself somewhere there in the next 2-3 months. Fingers crossed.

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